Monday, August 1, 2011


Idiyappam and Thengaipaal

Tools used

Idiyappam flour-1cup (Store bought)I use Anil brand
Water-1 1/2 cup
1.Add salt to the water and bring it to a rolling boil,switch off the flame and quickly add the flour to the water while continuously stirring to avoid lump formation.
2.Then allow this to cool a bit say 1min and add 1tsp oil and then knead well.though it's hot as on cooling it becomes difficult to press the string hoppers.
3.Grease the plates and keep it ready.
4.Take this in the idiyappam mould little at a time and press onto the plates and steam in a idly cooker for 10-15mins.
5.Serve with sweetened coconut milk.

Coconut milk


Coconut pieces-taken from 1/2 shell (cut into bits)
Sugar to taste.


1.Grind the coconut pieces and elachi with little say 1/4 cup water to a fine paste.
2.Strain and press the coconut pulp to get thick milk.
3.Discard the coconut,u may extract 2nd milk adding another cup of water and can use it in your kurma for the day.
4.Add sugar to taste and mix well with a spoon and serve with idiyappams.


Aarthi said...

Looks great! yummy... Good work Sabina..

Mogana said...

Wow...Sabina... I can enjoy the taste of it ... :)You can prepare the dough..It is very easy...

nisha pillai said...

great work sabina...idiyappam is the all time fav breakfast of our family....and u can use the new idiyappam machine which is available in all sarvana or ratna stores chennai which make the work very easy and fast.....

nisha pillai said...

Great work Sabina...ur blog is amazing and idiyappam is our familys all time fav break fast....u can even buy the new string hopper machine available in ratna stores or sarvana stores which make your work more easier and quicker... too

Nisa Homey said...

I agree with the others....