Monday, August 1, 2011

Pallipalayam Chicken Fry


Naatu (country chicken) kozhi- 1kg(Preferably with skin)
Preferably small onions- 1/4kg(can use big if this is not available)(Chopped fine)
Tomato-1no(small )
Garlic-20pods(chopped fine)
Curry leaves-few sprigs
Whole Red chilli-15nos(cut with a scissor taking out the bract and seeds)
Red chilli powder-1/2tsp(If u like it spicy otherwise skip this)
Salt to taste


Cinnamon-3inch piece



1.Take a heavy kadai,heat it with oil..when hot add the whole spices(cinnamon and cloves).when they splutter.add the chopped onion,curry leaves and fry till golden brown taking care not to burn,keep sauting.
2.When onions turn golden add the chopped garlic and fry till sauted and cooked well,then add the chopped tomatoes and whole red chillies and saute till tomatoes are cooked.
3.Add the turmeric and red chilli powder and give a quick swirl and add some 1/2 cup of water and cover and cook till the mixture is blended well to a gravy and oil sepertes,now add the cleaned and washed chicken pieces and give a stir till all the masala is coated on the pieces,add salt and mix well..
4.Cover and cook over medium flame,till the meat is tender,check for water in between as this recipe calls for country chicken it takes sometime to cook,this might take some 30-45 mins.If water is less u can add 1/4 cup at a time and stir well and cook and when meat is tender, remove the lid and stir it on high heat till u get a gravy that coats the pieces well and the oil shows up ..
5.Serve hot with Green gram Kadaisal..


vandana said...

hi akka i tried this wudnt b apt 2 say i improvised t .., but i modified tis recipe a little bit...!
i sauted garlic nd chilli's n oil nd made a paste of them along wth quarter te quantity of sauted onions.
it tasted awesome...!!! loved t..:)
keep updating more chicken recipes..!!

Sathish Kumar said...

hi i tried this its very superb i love this taste and my tounge got mad of this taste thank u very much!!!!