Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bombay Karachi Halwa


Cornflour-1 cup
Sugar- 2 cups
Water-3 cups
Food colour-yellow/orange- a pinch
Rose essence- 2-3 drops
Cashew- 10 (broken)
Almonds-10 (blanched and sliced)
Raisins- 10
Tuti Fruti-3 tsp(optional)
Pls note:
Get a plate ready to pour the hot halwa,by greasing with a tsp of ghee...before you start making halwa.

1.First mix the cornflour,water and sugar,food colour in a bowl,without any lumps..
2.Take a non-stick kadai,heat a tps of ghee and fry the cashews,almonds and raisins and remove and reserve for garnishing..
3.Now add the prepared cornflour mixture to the same kadai and keep stirring as this is going to get cooked very fast..so keep stirring to avoid lumps...
4.Then when you see a transparent colour of the liquid forming on the spoon...add the rose essence and give a good stir then start adding the ghee little by little and stir well to incorporate the ghee into the mixture..
5.Now stir well and u'l find the halwa leaving the sides of the kadai and moving around as a mass..Now this is the right consistency and this takes around 15 mins.
6.Pour the hot halwa to the prepared tray and garnish with the fried cashews,almonds and raisins.
7.Let it set for 1/2 hour and then make slices with a clean knife and serve...
8.This halwa keeps well for 2days in the refrigerator.

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