Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urad dhal Vada(Medhu Vada)

This is a festive dish combo in our household when we have guest's or for christmas it's idli vada kesari...with chutney sambar...my daughter loved medhu vada without any visible pepper / jeera and she would yell at me saying why did add kadugu(mustard)...so i make it such a way she will not find any black spots....inside the vada...Hope you enjoy this simple snack.. 

Urad dhal-1 cup
Green chillies-2nos
Jeera+Pepper-1/4 tsp each(coarse grind-like u make for rasam)-haven't added coz my daughter will not touch the vada if she see's a speck of pepper....
Asafoetida-1 big pinch
Ginger-1 inch piece
Curry leaves-few cut fine with a scissors
Onions-5nos(optional)-i've not added
Salt to taste.


1.Wash and Soak the urad dhal in water for 30 minutes.
2.Grind in a mixer adding the green chillies and  sprinkling little water till you get a soft and light batter and transfer this to a bowl.
3.Add curry leaves,onion(if adding),jeera + pepper mixture,salt,asafoetida and give a good mix till everything is blended well.
4.Then heat oil in a kadai,make doughnut shaped vadas dipping your hands in water in a bowl so that the batter does not stick to your hands when you put it in the oil...Take care there is no water in you hands,while you drop the vada in the hot oil.
5.Keep the flame on medium so the vada get's cooked on the inner side and turn to brown evenly on both sides and serve hot with chutney of your choice.