Monday, July 4, 2011

Coconut Cookies

Tis is my first post made some coconut cookies from bookmarked the recipe and wanted to give a  try....and the cookies came out really nice....
As my little daughter started school,comes home hungry in the evening and i want to give her some homemade goodies,just came across the recipe in the above blog and gave a try,,,
Here is my try...
Thanku Kamala for the wonderful recipe...


Maida- 1cup
Jaggery-powdered- 1/2 cup
Coconut powder-1/2 cup(if u don't get powdered coconut then u can powder frozen coconut with the cornflour in a mixie and use in the recipe as i did)
Cornflour-1 1/2 tbsp
oil/butter-1/4 cup
Baking powder-1/2tsp
Cardamon powder-1/4 tsp
salt-a pinch


1.Seive the flour(maida),salt and baking powder in a bowl.
2.Take powdered jaggery in another bowl with some oil/butter and mix well till it forms a smooth mixture.
3.Add the above jaggery mixture into the flour and add the powdered coconut and mix till u get a nice firm dough as the jaggery gives moisture the dough making process as u mix...
4.the roll the dough on floured board and cut into desired shapes and poke with a fork
5.Arrange the cookies on a greased tray and bake @ 150 C for 20 minutes...
6.Then ur ready to serve the cookies ...


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